Friday, 3 April 2009

Latest Canon SLR Camera

Canon have just announced their latest camera which again follows the trend for including HD video on their SLR models. Compared to the first Canon camera to allow HD video recording the Canon 500D provides several very useful enhancements. In particular it has different HD modes which allow you to shoot at either 720p OR 1080p.

As 720p is still far in excess of the resolution required for current DVD technology this is a very helpful addition that will make shooting for DVD easier. The option on the Canon 5DII is only 1080p or 640x480 which is not sufficient to get DVD quality yet 1080p is overkill for DVD.

The market for HD video on SLR is continuing to develop apace and as I suggested in my first post on this subject last year it is becoming the standard feature for new SLR releases.