Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Photo Editing in 1900s - Before Photoshop - Darkroom Photo Manipulation

Photo Editing in 1900s - Before Photoshop - Darkroom Photo Manipulation

I was contacted recently by someone selling a postcard of Berengrave Lane Rainham on Ebay that was virtually identical to one that is on the Rainham History site. Nothing strange there you might think - except on closer inspection the majority of photo is completely identical - all the people are in the same poses and same positions but with the addition of 2 young lads in the foreground.

There are a couple of possibilities. Firstly that 2 shots were taken and the lads wandered into one shot. The other that the lads were added or removed in the darkroom at a later date which looks to be the more likely possibility as everything is identical otherwise between the shots!
Have a look and see what you think!
Mystery Photographs - Berengrave Lane Rainham 1900s
Mystery photo of Berengrave Lane Rainham - early photo editing

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Samsonite Photo DF50 Colt Camera Bag Review

The Samsonite Photo DF50 Colt is a compact camera bag suitable for entry level cameras such as the Canon 1000D, 550D or 600D. Due to its copmact size it is not suitable for larger cameras such as the Canon 5D or 1D series.

Canon 600D Case
Camera Cases

The Canon 600D fits snugly inside the Samsonite Photo DF50 Colt giving a good level of protection against knocks and scratches. The bag has some very useful pockets to the front and the side that allow you to store a spare battery and memory cards when you take the camera out.

Overall the Samsonite DF50 Colt is a very handy compact DSLR bag that is ideal for carrying your Canon 550D or Canon 600D to protect it from knocks and scrapes but without taking up masses of room or being very bulky to carry unlike some other bags.