Sunday, 28 February 2010

Latest Video shot on Canon 5D Mark2 - Over The Rainbow by Bekki Lowings

This is the classic song Somewhere Over The Rainbow from Wizard of Oz, performed by Bekki Lowings. This is one of the best versions of the song I have heard and in my view is better than the Eva Cassidy song.

Video shot on Canon 5D Mark2 with Canon 70-200 f2.8 L IS lens and external microphone connected. Video converted to AVI using Neoscene and then edited in Windows Movie Maker.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

DSLR Video Review - Is Which magazine correct?

Which magazine have this month reviewed digital SLR cameras. One comment made in the article states "we've yet to see a DSLR that can match the video quality of a dedicated digital camcorder"

Really? Are Which really expecting us to believe the quality of the Canon 5D2 is worse than a camcorder?  Try telling that to the film producers such as 24 that are using the Canon 5D Mark2 or the huge number of other film makers using the camera day in and day out. None of them would consider using a digital camcorder for these types of film project.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Using the Canon 5D2 for "24" - Shooting Driving Plates for 24

Shooting Driving Plates for 24

The Canon 5D2 is now being used for shooting the TV series 24. You can see more about their 
Shooting Driving Plates for 24 at the link below

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Interfit Strobies XS Review and Sample Images using Elemental beauty dish

Interfit Strobies Review and Sample Images from elemental beauty dish

The Interfit Strobies XS are adapters that work with flash guns such as the Canon 580EX and allow you to fit Bowens S-Type light modifiers such as softboxes, beauty dishes and snoots to your normal flash gun.

These are some sample photos taken with the Interfit Strobies and the Canon 580EX flashgun and the Elemental Beauty dish for Bowens studio lights
Photo taken with flash gun directly

Photo taken with Interfit Strobie and Beauty dish alone

Photo showing beauty dish attached to Strobie

Photo taken with Interfit Strobie and Beauty dish with grid

Close up shot taken with Interfit Strobie/Canon 580EX/Bowens fit Beauty dish

Canon 5D Mark 2 (mk II) Video Editing HDMI cables

Using the Canon 5D mark2 for video means you can produce movies at 1080p resolution. Normal DVD does not support this level of quality so unless you have a Blu-Ray player you will be unable to view your Canon 5D2 movies in their optimum resolution.

However there is a solution that doesn't involve the expense of getting a dedicated bluray player. You can use a Western Digital Media player (WD Player) connected to an external hard drive to play your movies on an HD TV at 1080p resolution. This does require an HDMI cable to get the best possible picture quality.

I have tested a cable purchased for £4.99 from Sainsburys and was amazed by the quality from such a cheap component when similar cables are available for up to £100 and more. Which magazine have today published a survey that shows exactly the same results for HDMI cables and recommend the cheaper cables as being the best option.

The quality from the Canon 5D2 video played at 1080p on a Sony HD TV is stunning and really shows the benefits of the large format sensor on the camera. Once Canon release the same control features as available on the Canon 7D then the camera will be an awesome piece of kit.

Thursday, 11 February 2010

Wedding Photography Disasters

A story last year reminded me how important it is to choose your wedding photographer carefully and check their work. A couple sued their wedding photographer Gareth Bowers from Fresh Images over the poor quality of the photos of their wedding.

My comments appear on the Daily Mail website below the article but I've copied them here for reference

I was incredibly surprised that the main Professional organisations (SWPP, MPA, BIPP) have completely missed this huge opportunity for publicity - putting their chairman or spokesperson up for interview would have been a great PR excerise - yet there was NO mention anywhere about the benefits of qualifications. I think it shows how inwardly focussed they are rather than actually looking outside at what is going on.
The problem is he is (still) listed on the SWPP site although his web is down so virtually impossible for couples to know who is and who isn't qualified when it appears the SWPP are recommending him.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

New Canon DSLR Camera with full HD video - Canon 550D

Canon have released another DSLR camera with HD video. The Canon 550D builds on the features of the previous Canon cameras with video but at a much lower price point.

The Canon 550D uses an 18 megapixel APS-C size sensor and includes many of the video features from the Canon 7D which will make it a very interesting camera to use. Being able to shoot 24/25fps and 50/60fps as well will be a great creative boost especially as these variations are yet to come to the Canon 5D mark2.

Some of the key advantages of the Canon 550D over the 500D for shooting video are:
  • External microphone can be added (not on 500D)
  • Full HD at all frame rates (Canon 500D was limited to 20fps)
  • Full manual control of exposure
  • 1080p at up to 30fps
  • 720p at 50/60fps
  • Digic 4 processor 
Canon say "The EOS 550D combines exceptional still shooting with the ability to shoot Full HD (1080p) video. To satisfy your creativity the EOS 550D features full manual control and selectable frame rates. You can also shoot high speed 50/60fps movies at 720P for when the action is really fast. An HDMI connection allows High Definition playback of footage and images on any HDTV. Also with compatible TVs playback can be controlled using the TV’s remote control."