Monday, 31 December 2012

Canon Digital Photo Professional Error - Universal Installer Windows Stopped Working

When installing Canon solutions, Digital Photo Professional CD 27.1 an error occurs and the message "Universal Installer Windows Stopped Working" is shown. The installer then crashes and the program is not loaded.

Canon Digital Photo Professional Error - Universal Installer Windows Stopped Working
Canon Digital Photo Professional Error - Universal Installer Windows Stopped Working

This only seems to affect v27.1 of the Canon DPP software so the current solution has been to revert back to an older version. At the moment Canon have no information about this error and any ways to resolve it.

DPP Viewer Module stopped working
DPP Viewer Module stopped working
Update - I have found a solution to allow you to run Digital Photo Professional and fix the error for Universal Installer stopped working when installing Canon Digital Solutions 27.1 CD

Canon 6D Review: Comparison with 5D & 600D Hands On

My Canon 6D finally arrived today after a few days in transit across the world. When I opened the packaging I was worried that no camera had been included as the box was so light but on inspection the Canon 6D was sitting securely in there just a very light camera!

Having put the new LP-E6 battery on charge I fired up the camera using the battery from my Canon 5D Mark 2 to check out the features. Before doing so I decided it would be interesting to weigh the Canon 6D and compare weight and dimensions with the Canon 5D that it would be replacing and the smaller Canon 600D that I have as a family camera.

The Canon 6D tips the scales at 780g, the Canon 5D is a heavyweight at 920g and the diminutive Canon 600D barely registers at 590g

Canon 6D weighs in at 780g
Canon 6D Review - it tips the scales at 780g

Canon 5D compared to 6D - the 5D weighs in at 920g
Canon 5D compared to 6D - the 5D weighs in at 920g

Canon 600D weighs in at 591g
On first use a few very useful features come to view, the top mode dial now has a lock feature so that it doesn't move when shooting or when in your bag. Nothing more frustrating to be set in manual mode only for the camera to switch halfway through a shoot.

I'll be doing a far more thorough review later but the other feature that shows how far things have moved on since the Canon 5D was released in 2005, is the ability to set Auto ISO and minimum shutter speeds. I know this was available on the Canon 5D Mark 2 but it was a very basic implementation and the Canon 6D makes it much more usable.

I've not even got into looking at the high ISO, GPS or WiFi so there are plenty more features to test out!

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Different Christmas Gift Ideas Kent - Photo Shoot Gift Vouchers in Maidstone

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You can buy online and the voucher will be posted to you with full details of how to book a shoot.
Vouchers are available for collection up to Christmas Eve.

More details of photo shoot gift vouchers here

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