Wednesday, 17 September 2008

New Canon 5D camera to revolutionise wedding photography?

Canon have today announced the much anticipated replacement for their 5D camera. This camera has become the tool of choice for wedding and portrait photographers for its stunning images and low light performance since it was released 3 years ago. All the photographers in the team currently use Canon 5D cameras for exactly this reason.
The replacement 5D Mark2 nearly doubles the sensor pixel count to 21Megapixels and adds even better low light capability. In addition one feature that could revolutionise the wedding photography market is the inclusion of HD video capability in the camera. It now means that as well as taking still photos for your wedding album the photographer can also take short video clips to include in the DVD slideshow of photos. It is one feature that we are very keen on testing and aim to offer in our Kent wedding photography packages for 2009.
We will be testing the Canon 5D Mark 2 as soon as it is available in the UK so watch this space for more news of the advances that it can offer for your wedding photography.