Thursday, 25 August 2011

Range Rover 2012/2013 spy shots - Disguised Land Rover spotted out testing near Warwick

A disguised range rover believed to be a brand new 2012/2013 model has been spotted out testing near Warwick. The car was parked in a layby obscured from view of the road by trees when it was spotted. I managed to grab my new Canon 600d to get some shots. Unfortunately once the driver realized he was being photographed he drove off at high speed. I did get a number of spy shots of the 2012/2013 Range Rover with it's zebra disguise before he got too far away. It shows the massive resolution of the Canon 600d that even with the small zoom range of the 17-40 lens I had attached the photos could be successfully cropped to show the land rover range rover full screen on a monitor.
Spy shot of disguised Range Rover 2012 model being tested

Spy shot of Range Rover 2012 model being tested
It appears that there are at least 6 versions of the new 2013 Range Rover that are being road tested as the number plates on other ones spotted over the last few months are not the same as this vehicle.

Range Rover VX11HND as above, spotted near Warwick
Range Rover VU11DXP Spotted in Spain
Range Rover  VU11DXB Spotted near Birmingham
Range Rover VU11DVM Spotted in Birmingham
Range Rover VX11HSK Spotted in Nurburgring
Range Rover VX10JCO - first "mule" spotted in 2010