Friday, 2 March 2012

Canon 5D Mark 3 Review - Is it Worth it Or Get Two Canon 5D Mark 2?

The Canon 5D Mark 3 has finally been announced and unlike the previous incarnations of the Canon 5D range it appears to not offer any groundbreaking new features but a lot of incremental improvements.

At a list price of £2999 I can't see a big rush to buy the Canon 5D III when the Canon 5D Mark II is now under £1400 meaning that you could buy two 5D2 cameras instead of one 5D3 or a 5D2 and some excellent lenses.

Canon are now also some way behind Nikon in the high pixel count race with the Nikon D800 maxing out at 36Mp compared to "only" 22Mp for the Canon 5D3. Maybe Canon will release another camera above the 5D3 to compete with Nikon D800 or maybe they are now targeting different areas of the market.

For studio work we still use our Canon 5D mark 1 in preference to the 5D mark2 as the ISO performance is not required and the larger file sizes create more storage and slow down the post processing workflow.