Monday, 17 September 2012

Canon 6D Features Compared to Canon 5D Mark III

Canon 6D compared to Canon 5DII and Nikon D600

Canon have just announced the new Canon 6D full frame camera which appears to be in direct competition to the Nikon D600 released last week.

The Canon 6D features a 20Mp full frame sensor meaning that Canon now have 18, 20 and 22 Mp full frame sensors in their range of full frame cameras. The 1DX has 18 million pixels, the new Canon 6D has 20MP and the Canon 5D Mark 3 has 22Mp.

Canon 6D Features
Canon 6D Features
At first glance the specification seems significantly worse than the Nikon D600 with less autofocus points, single card slot and less video capability. The improvement is for high ISO performance which for some situations may make it a worthwhile modelling upgrade from the Canon 5DII.

The biggest feature for the Canon 6D is built in WiFi and GPS so that images can be loaded remotely and all images tagged with the geo location. Despite these features the impression is given that Canon have deliberately reduced down the capability of the Canon 6D to avoid losing sales of the Canon 5D3. The Canon 6D is looking to be nearly £1200 less than the 5DIII and priced only marginally above the Canon 5DII. It would appear to be a reasonable replacement for the 5DII with similar features. The key difference is the use of SD cards for image storage rather than Compact Flash which the rest of the Canon full frame cameras use.