Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Rochester Sweeps Festival Photography

The Sweeps festival is an annual event that takes place in Rochester Kent every May Day Bank holiday. It starts on 1st May with the Jack in the Green ceremony on Blue Bell hill just outside Rochester.

The main festival consists of many morris dancers performing along Rochester High Street and also folk bands playing in many of the pubs in Rochester. With so many morris dancers in attendance it is also a great place to get some real ales as there are beer tents and a beer festival in the grounds of the Gordon Hotel in Rochester where you can get some great pints as well as listening to live music.

Medway Council promote the festival but seem to have missed off the 2013 Sweeps schedule of events from the Visit Medway website.

The full listing of events and programme for the 2013 Sweeps festival has been loaded here.

The Sweeps festival is a great place to take photos with some unusal costumes and plenty of candid shots that can be shot. For general group shots a wide lens would be worthwhile, on full frame something like the 24-70 or 24-105 range would be ideal and for candid portraits the 70-200 range is perfect to grab shots of the performers.