Sunday, 4 October 2009

Canon 5D Firmware

As you will see from this blog I have the Canon 5D and 5DII cameras. In order to make best use of the 5D2 video capability I use 16Gb compact flash cards for video shoots. I came to copy the files onto my PC today and noticed that the card was only reading 8Gb despite being full.

On further investigation it appeared that this was due to using the card in my Canon 5D mark1 camera which does not support large CF cards beyond 8Gb. Despite the card being shown as 16Gb in the camera it was only formatted to 8Gb. There is a firmware fix for the problem released some time ago - but as I'd never encountered the problem I hadn't installed it before.

Now installed and cards beyond 8Gb can be read in the original Canon 5D without any problems. There was never an issue with the Canon 5DII as it supported large cards from day 1.