Monday, 12 April 2010

Canon 5DII Mark2 firmware 2.0.4 - Sound syncing problem with Neoscene Cineform 1.3

I upgraded to Canon 5D2 firmware 2.0.4 yesterday and shot some promo video for the musical Billy Elliot being performed by Stage Theatre Society. The new settings on the Canon 5D Mark2 now only allow a maximum frame rate of 25fps with PAL video - previously this was fixed at 30fps.

When I came to edit the video having converted the MOV files to AVI using Neoscene I found that the sound and video were no longer in sync with the sound continuing after the video had stopped. Having checked the Neoscene log it appears that the sound and video are converted to 30fps.

To resolve the problem I checked the Neoscene website and downloaded the latest version 1.6.0 build 140. Having installed this the problem appears to be resolved and the video and sound are now in sync for converted movies.

So if you are having problems with the sound syncronisation on the Canon 5D2, Canon 7D or Canon 550D when using Cineform Neo Scene then check the version and upgrade to the latest one