Sunday, 27 March 2011

Canon 7D/Canon 60D/Canon 600D/Canon 550D Comparison

Canon now have 4 very similar specification cameras in their range with the same 18Mp sensor.

So what is the difference between the Canon 7D/Canon 60D/Canon 600D/Canon 550D and how do they compare?

Canon 7D is the top semi-professional camera that Canon offer. Above this is the Canon 5D Mark2 which Canon now rate as one of their professional series of cameras used by many wedding and portrait photographers.

The Canon 7D has a much more rugged body than the 60D/550D/600D which are all constructed of a high grade plastic. In reality unless you throw your camera around and take very little care of it any of these cameras will be suitable. I have the Canon 550D for nearly 12 months and have had no problems with the construction of the camera.

The Canon 60D and Canon 600D feature rotating LCD screens allowing live view to be used in more extreme situations where it isn't easily possible to view the LCD in the standard position at the rear of the camera. If this is not something you need then again any of the camera are suitable.

The video functions on the Canon 7D/60D/600D have been enhanced compared to the Canon 550D giving additional frame rates. The 600D also features a new video crop mode that allows full 1080p HD video to be shot at up to 10x magnification.

The Canon 7D and 600D also feature control of the Canon Speedlite range of flashguns from within the camera. This saves using a Canon ST-E2 remote flash trigger and could reduce the cost of your gear by around £200 if this is no longer required.

I am very happy with the Canon 550D that I have and it compares very favourably to the Canon 5D and Canon 5DII that I have. With the additional features that the Canon 600D has I believe that it is a fantastic camera for the money and is probably the best value of any currrent Canon camera. Unless you need any of the specific features such as frame rate or autofocus that are only available on the Canon 7D/60D then personally I would opt for the Canon 600D. While the Canon 550D is an excellent camera the 600D for a small amount more money is well worth the upgrade.

So the big question - would I upgrade my Canon 550D for a 600D? The answer is no. At the moment the features of the 600D are not essential and the 550D is purely a backup camera for me so the main features are those I use on the Canon 5D/5DII.