Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Video Mics/Microphones for Digital SLR Video Cameras Canon 5D2/7D/60D/600D

The Canon range of DSLR video cameras give fantastic picture quality but for many video requirements the inbuilt microphone is not up to the job. There are various options you can use to improve the mic quality on the Canon 5D2, Canon 60D, Canon 7D or Canon 600D by purchasing an external mike to use with them.

All of the Canon 5D2, Canon 60D, Canon 7D and Canon 600D have external microphone sockets that allow stereo mics to be plugged in. I have three different microphones that I use with my Canon 5DII and Canon 550D SLR cameras, the Azden SMX10 fits to the top of the camera in the hotshoe and the Shure is a wireless mike that can attach to a lapel and transmit the sound back to the camera receiver. The third microphone is a standard cabled mic that has a 5m extension and can be used for interviews where the interviewer is in shot asking the questions.