Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Video/Lighting Rig for Canon 5D Mark2, Canon 7D, Canon 60D, Canon 600D

The Video-Rig shown here was designed and built by Dean Barkley, and is a multi-purpose device for obtaining stabilized, smooth motion video shots from an HDSLR (High Definition video enabled SLR) such as the Canon 5DII, Canon 7D or Canon 60D cameras. It provides a wide comfortable and stabilizing grip for the camera, and also gives mounting points for accessories such as video lights, microphone and monitor.

Deans versatile device adds rear and top handles for ease of carrying and to enable 'low shots', 'sideways shots' and look-down shots' to be achieved. In addition, three wheels give the unit amazing added functionality, allowing it to be used as a table (or 'skater') dolly! This feature allows the camera to track, at a low level, in a variety of ways depending on how the independantly adjustable wheels are orientated. With all three wheel axles pointing to a common point the Video-Rig will orbit around a subject at a constant distance. With the wheels pointing in the same plane, the device will track in a straight line forwards or sideways or any direction desired. Professional low-level dolly shots can be obtained with very little fuss.

When used in its conventional carrying mode, with hands either side of the camera, the rear padded handle nestles into the cameraman's stomach or chest, creating very stable and comfortable shooting positions.

Other useful features on the Video-Rig, include, a camera mount rack system enabling the camera fore/aft position to be adjusted to balance the unit when different lenses or accessories are used. A ball-head can be mounted on the camera mount rack to further add to the shooting angle options. Underneath the unit, a quick release plate allows for speedy attachment to a tripod head, thus allowing still or panning shots to be achieved. What is really useful about the Video-Rig, is that no matter whether you are hand-holding, dollying or panning on a tripod, the camera and accessories stay mounted on one unit, saving time and effort. Speaking of accessories. These are mounted quickly and easily on the frame of the device using Manfrotto style Nano clamps and articulated arms, thus allowing an infinite number of positions for your video lights and monitor. The arms can be moved and locked into position with the tightening of one knob. When not being used on the Video-Rig, the lights can be mounted to anything handy to provide studio lighting!

The Video-Rig is made from plastic tubing, and is both light and strong, and the comfortable grips make this device a joy to use. Contact him at drb@dbcad.co.uk for more information.