Saturday, 3 September 2011

Canon 35-80mm f4 - f5.6 USM Lens Review & Info

I've written in this blog previously about the Canon 35-80mm f4 - f5.6 and what a great lens it is for the money.

There are a number of different versions of the Canon 35-80mm lens that have different characteristics and value. The main variants are the mark I, mark II and mark III versions of the lens but in addition there is also a very rare and far more useful USM version of the Canon 35-80mm that uses the Canon Ultra Sonic Motor for focus rather than the standard micro motors, making it much smoother and quieter to focus.

Overall although this is a very cheapie lens, it is excellent value and as you can read in the review of it on this blog at 9x6" print size it is impossible to see any difference in quality between this and far more expensive lenses.

Canon 35-80mm f4 - f5.6 USM - verdict: an absolute bargain!

Canon 35-80mm f4 - f5.6 USM lens

Canon 35-80mm USM Lens Review

Canon 35-80mm f4 - f5.6

Canon 35-80mm f4 - f5.6 lens