Monday, 25 June 2012

What to Look for When Choosing Photo Studio to Hire

Are you looking for a Photo Studio to Hire for a model or family photo shoot? Do you want to improve your studio photography using professional lighting and backgrounds? What are the important things that you should check when hiring a UK photo studio? These are tips for choosing a photography studio to hire for a photo shoot

Maidstone Kent photography studio hire
Maidstone Kent photography studio hire

The key items that I think are important when choosing a Uk Modelling photo studio to hire for a shoot are:

Studio Lighting and backgrounds included in the hire fee

Ideally you need at least 3 studio lights to be included, preferably at least 4 to give you flexibility. Vinyl material is the most robust for using as the background but some studios use paper Colorama rolls which wear out more quickly and generally are subject to additional charges. You really need to have a variety of studio flash head light modifiers available to use as well. Being restricted to a softbox or brolly will limit the creative options that you can do. Items such as beauty dishes, snoots and reflectors are all good to have available.

Separate changing area and toilet facilities available

Changing area is important if you have a family shoot or modelling shoot and outfit changes are required. It isn't practical to use a car to change or to leave the room in order for a change of outfits.


Ideally you want plenty of free parking very close by so that it is easy for anyone attending the shoot to park with their gear nearby. For some smokee shoots this may involve a makeup artist, hair stylist, model(s) and photographer so limited parking quickly becomes a problem and lugging large items of kit isn't a great idea.

What to look for when choosing a photo studio to hire

Waiting area and Tea/Coffee facilities

If you have several shoots in a day then having space for different clients to be able to wait if they arrive early is a good idea. Often it is difficult to judge timings when travelling some distance so it is useful to have somewhere to wait until the shoot time. Tea and coffee making facilities are handy if you are at the studio for some time and need to take a break. Find out about UK Modelling

Props and different backgrounds

To give some variety it is useful to have different props available at the studio which saves bringing them with you every time. Backgrounds such as brick wall effect or wallpaper give more variation that the standard white vinyl look.

Maidstone photo studio hire - waiting area
Maidstone photo studio hire - waiting area
If you are looking for photography studio hire in Maidstone Kent then this is worth looking at and has all the features mentioned above.