Sunday, 15 April 2012

All 3 Canon 5D High ISO Compared - All Three Versions of the Canon 5D Compared Mark 1 - 2 -3

This review gives a comparison of the high ISO noise performance across all 3 versions of the Canon 5D from Canon Mark 1 through Canon 5D Mark 2 and Canon 5D Mark 3.

The Canon 5D went to ISO 1600 as standard and 3200 in Hi
The Canon 5D Mark II went to ISO 6400 and then 12800/25600 in Hi1/Hi2
The Canon 5D Mark 3 goes to ISO 25600 then to ISO 51200 and 102400 in Hi1/Hi2 extended ISO mode

This comparison between ISO performance at ISO 200, ISO 800, ISO 1600, ISO 6400 and ISO 25600. Other ISO values to follow. Where the Canon 5D does not reach the ISO level of the Canon 5D Mark II or Canon 5D Mark III the image from the highest ISO available (ISO3200)

Canon 5D ISO Comparison ISO 200
Canon 5D 1/2/3 ISO Comparison ISO 800
Canon 5D ISO Comparison ISO 25600