Sunday, 22 April 2012

Cineform Neoscene V5 for Canon 600D - No Sound on AVI Files

I've found that although the MOV files produced from the Canon 600D can be processed with Cineform Neoscene in the same workflow that I use for files from the Canon 5D Mark 2 once processed the AVI files produced have no sound in them.

It appears that the older version of Neoscene is not compatible with later Canon MOV files and an upgrade is needed from v1.6 to v5. Fortunately this upgrade is substantially less than the basic software price of $129 and comes in at $49 which at current exchange rates works out about £36.

Neoscene Activation Fails

Having downloaded & installed V5 of Neoscene the next challenge was to activate it. The screens for activation are different from most other software and unhelpfully are not the same as the website. There are two hardware codes given on the Neoscene activation and the activation gives no clue as to which to use. Typically the one chosen was incorrect so for reference the code to use for Activating Neoscene is the ENH code not the STD code.

Firstly you need to go to the Cineform website which
which will allow you to enter your hardware code from above (ENH value) along with your serial number and name. This will generate an email to you with your activation code that needs to be entered into Neoscene to use it once the trial period is over.

Using Neoscene to convert Canon 600D MOV files into AVI resolves the problem of jumpy/jerky video when playing Canon 600D MOV files on your PC and also allows you to edit Canon 600D video footage with Windows Movie Maker.