Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush - Won't Load with Adobe Photoshop CS4 Error

For many years I've used Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush as a great tool for smoothing skin on photos following shoots but since I upgraded to Adobe Photoshop CS4 I have been unable to use the plugin as it is not visible in the Filter list. This is being used on Windows Vista 64 bit.

Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush software error working on Photoshop CS4
There was no error message shown and the Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush software installed as normal. Looking online there were various posts that suggested adding the Kodak folder to the Additional filters in Adobe Photoshop CS4 preferences but this made no difference, the Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush was still not available in the list of filters in Photoshop.

Finally I found a post online that reminded me that there were two versions of Adobe Photoshop CS4 that install on your PC when you load the software, the 32bit and also the 64bit version. As I use Windows Vista 64 bit I have only used the 64bit version of Adobe Photoshop CS4.

Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush software working on Photoshop CS4

As soon as I launched the 32bit version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 and checked the filters the Kodak GEM Airbrush was available again. An easy fix and now I don't need to run CS3 in a virtual PC in order to use the Airbrush plug in.

For most editing I will still want to use Adobe Photoshop CS4 to make use of the 8Gb RAM that my PC has but at least the mystery of Kodak Digital GEM Airbrush software is now resolved.