Friday, 17 June 2011

Canon 5D Mark 3 Rumours and Spec Sheet

It is now nearly 3 years since the Canon 5D Mark 2 revolutionised the world of photography and video by being able to shoot full HD 1080p video on a DSLR. It is also nearly 6 years since the original Canon 5D was released.

On these timescales we should be due the Canon 5D Mark 3 being announced in the next few months. What features should be on the Canon 5D Mark III spec list?

Clearly HD video has now become an integral part of every DSLR and as the 5D2 led the way with this in the same way the original 5D led the way as the low cost full frame DSLR, Canon are likely to have something up their sleeve to be another game changer.

The features that seem certain to be on the Canon 5D Mark3  are:

Rotating/ moveable LCD screen
Wireless flash control built in
Basic HD video editing in camera
720p HD video (hard to remember that the Canon 5D2 only has 1080p and 640x480)
HD crop mode to give digital zoom of up to 10x
ISO range up to 102,000

So which innovative feature is likely to appear that is the next game changer?

Shooting stills from video - not far off already?
Higher ISO range - unlikely to go much above
Higher pixel count - likely to be higher but not above the Canon 1DS Mark4
Higher frame rate? - possible or may be enable video still extraction
Auto focus for video? Would be highly popular

What do you think the Canon 5D Mark 3 should have on its spec?