Monday, 6 June 2011

How to Quickly Edit Video from Canon 5DII/7D/60D/600D

Having recently had to quickly produce a short video clip of a musical show I had videoed I thought it would be useful to explain how to quickly edit Video from Canon 5DII/7D/60D/600D using Windows Movie Maker by outlining my workflow in five easy steps.

1) Copy images and video from memory card to PC
2) Process the Canon MOV files to AVI files using Neoscene software. This allows the files to be edited in Windows Movie Maker.
3) Import AVI video clips into Windows Movie Maker and cut/add transitions as required. My clips needed very little cutting and transitions can be added quickly.
4) Save Movie Maker project and publish as AVI or WMV.
5) Upload to YouTube or Vimeo.

The video I edited of Stage Theatre Society production of Our House is here

So in these 5 easy steps I have taken the raw video files from the Canon DSLR camera (5D2/7D/60D/550D/600D) and edited them together to create a final movie. This whole process took under 30 minutes so clearly there wasn't a massive amount of editing done but it shows what can be done easily using free video editing software. The new Windows Movie Maker Live software also allows direct publishing to YouTube or Facebook.

By using the Cineform Neoscene software the highly compressed MOV files produced by the Canon 5DII are converted to AVI format which is more easily editable and avoids the problems of jerky video playback that can be experienced on the Canon 600D files when in the native MOV file.