Friday, 17 June 2011

Canon 5DII 24-105 lens Error 01

Last week I had a problem with my Canon 5DII and Canon 24-105 f4 IS L lens giving an Error 01 message, unable to communicate with camera. It appeared to be intermittent but as this is my workhorse lens that I use for almost every shoot I needed to get it fixed asap. The excellent Miles Whitehead repaired the lens for me and the fault was a known problem with the lens with the aperture unit connector failing. By losing contact at different points in the focal range it explained the intermittent nature of the error 01 fault on the camera.

This error occured on my Canon 5D too but showed itself in a different way; the error message on the Canon 5D2 was much more informative and showed the problem.

You can see the photos of the repaired part of the Canon 24-105mm f4 lens here

Canon 5D2 lens Error 01